We humans and you Elamnite’s and all others have the same standing in front of the Judge. Just because you have a better lifestyle and an extremely lustful gaze and behavior and a Criminals mentality and have, have been and will be subjugating the rest of the living beings for your own purpose doesn’t mean […]

I have no Fucking clue how old I am. I dont even know when I was born. I dont know my mother’s face. I have seen soo many dreams where she gives me a hug to stop me crying, but her face is blurred out like it’s censored to me. I know my dickhead of […]

My kind. No I dont mean you. My kind of laughter. I know you lot laugh at people’s misery but try a variety. As they say Variety is the spice of life. Also comment on my stuff, and dont just feed me after fuck up my mood. Also beware of the union of the DOG […]

I dont know if that’s the correct spelling. I Dont want revenge. Oh why because there’s a far worse fate waiting in the future for all. KARMA Somewhere in my previous life i must have done something wrong. However if that is the case then why dont the universe continue even after i die(killed by […]

Is there a point in keeping me anymore. I know and have seen how my body looks, thanks Miss A, since there is no body for me to return to why are you keeping my mind still. Is it a hunting game and you’re all learing how to create a mind prison and or teaching […]

I keep hearing the term ” goodfornothing” in my head repeatedly. STOP calling me that. Reason’s. I am stuck in someone else’s head and thus they are eating the food and not me. Even if it were the NECTAR of IMMORTALITY i wont want to tuch it if i had not come to it by […]

I keep hearing that the best thing you’ve done for me is that keeping me alive. Actually thats the WORST thing your kind has done for me, seriously i keep getting abused and i cant even see where the fuck i am half the time. I cant bet any amunt of money that you and […]

Your Highness when you keep a prisoner for no apparent reason other than to leach off them and thier karma they tend to be rather hateful towards you and all those that participate in such twisted form of barbariety. So you should learn to take it on your stride. Oh and dont be so stupid […]

I want to think for myself and i dont want to have sex with any whore or cunt of man and i dont want to suck dick to chin, scruffy the long haired dickhead or any other asshole rapists. leave me alone

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton